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going out with elderly parents and family

A Guide to Balancing Life as a Parent and as a Child

As you get older, you might have to make decisions that involve prioritizing either your parents or your children. Although many elders end up living in a retirement community, there are still those that opt to stay in their own house. This results in you having to balance your time to take care of both

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How Do You Get a Car in 2021?

After a house, a vehicle is the second biggest consumer purchase. But when you drive off the dealer’s lot, the expenses do not cease. Owning and running a car also accounts for the second-largest household expenses; continued usage costs about $8,700 a year. This decreases to $725 per month and an average of 58 cents

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driving a car

Find Quality Used Car in Your Area

Are you in the market for your first car? Do you have any make or model in mind? Have you considered purchasing a used car instead of a brand-new one? Not many people realize this, but buying a pre-owned car has several advantages compared to getting a spanking new one. For one, used vehicles are

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retirement funds

Make Your Retirement More Comfortable

Retirees are flocking to Idaho, especially to Kootenai, Coeur d’Alene, and Boise. The state has a mild climate, low crime rate, and is very retiree-friendly. However, there are still a few things you can do to make your future retirement a lot better. Buy a Home Renting in Idaho will cost you around $800-$1,000 a

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car driving along the road

Car Upgrades You Need for Long-haul Road Trips

Long-haul travel in a car requires more experience and preparation than everyday travel. Of course, you wouldn’t want to drive to a faraway place until you’ve had some shorter road trips under your belt. But apart from driving experience and lots of prep, how can you make your long-haul road trip safer, easier, and more

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What to Check Before Buying a Used Car

Need a high-quality car on a budget? You’ll find plenty of them when you visit a reputable used car dealer. You’re bound to come across a few duds, but the key to getting your money’s worth is to know what to look for. Here is an essential checklist of things you need to look out for

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