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Engaging Employees Who are Working From Home during COVID-19

The pandemic has made it all the more challenging for companies to engage their employees and has significantly redefined what it means to keep employees involved. Now that in-person work set-ups are still far away in the future or have become permanent solutions for many companies, engagement strategies must also evolve to fit the current

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Trees You Can Consider Planting for Year-round Interest

Trees provide visual appeal, cool shade, purified air, and windbreaks. However, despite all of these, some people ask gardeners for something more, commonly the “four seasons of interest.” These are trees that provide owners a year-round interest, adding something unique to one’s landscape every season, including combinations of flowers, fruits, leaves, and barks. If you’re

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Restroom Disasters in the Office: Why They Happen and How to Stop Them

Restroom etiquette is probably the least of companies’ concerns when they’re developing a good workplace culture. They tend to focus more on interdepartmental collaboration, communication, teamwork, and building trust. What they don’t realize is that employees’ restroom etiquette can affect those areas too, and vice-versa. It seems absurd to think about; what does an employee’s

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Choosing a Business to Build

With many difficulties posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, 1.5 million American entrepreneurs still filed applications for new businesses from July to September 2020, almost twice as many as those who filed in the same quarter of the previous year. Bloomberg reports that applications for new businesses from June to December 2020 were 25 percent more

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The Many Benefits of Blockchain in the Finance Industry

Blockchain is a technology used in the recording of transactions across different computers within a network. Basically, it is an electronic ledger that allows the storage of information in blocks. Blockchain is a kind of database, but it differs from other types of databases because it is decentralized. Other types of databases also do not

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Planning Your Finances: A Guide for Young Professionals

Whether you are starting as a young professional or already established in your career, saving up for the future never goes out of style. But not a lot of young professionals understand this. It is easy for most people who are starting to either spend on gadgets and other luxuries in the early stages of

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Business Ideas for Starters

Starting a business from scratch is definitely a challenging undertaking. There are a lot of things that need to be done. Apart from thinking about where to get capital, business-minded people also have to think about what type of business to run. Of course, they should also consider the feasibility of the business to make

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