Business Management

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Searching for Your Next CEO

It’s been in the works for the past six to eight months. Everyone is busy talking to real estate agents, interior decorators, office furniture providers, and telecommunications and internet service providers, among others. The company is moving to a new headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s an exciting time as the company has surpassed its

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Buying a House With No Emergency Savings

If you want to have an emergency fund in case of an emergency and also like to buy a house in Utah, you will be in a pickle. It can be challenging to save up for both, but you have to prioritize one. For many disgruntled renters, the choice is easy: aim for homeownership. For

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Debt computation

Are You a Good Candidate for a Debt Consolidation Plan?

In the Lion City, delinquency punishes all parties. As a debtor, your credit suffers the longer your financial obligations remain past due. Your creditors do not like you to default because although they can penalize you with fees, they risk absorbing losses as long as you discontinue repayment. Fortunately, there is a less destructive way

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