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6 Mistakes That Restaurateurs Must Avoid In Their First Year

Starting a restaurant can be an incredibly risky move, especially for inexperienced business owners. One out of four establishments is expected to fail in its first year, and for a lot of you aspiring restaurateurs, this is a terrifying statistic. However, the fact that a quarter of restaurants fail in its first year shouldn’t discourage you. Instead,

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Starting a Business After Retirement

Retirement is the perfect stage to explore new things. From traveling, starting a new hobby, exploring a passion, or even pursuing a new skill, it is never too late to start after you have retired. Retirement is also the perfect time to create a new business. You have the time, the experience, and the resources

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Important Lessons Entrepreneurs Learned During COVID-19

Things are different and difficult not only for individuals and families but also for businesses. Many companies were forced to shut down operations or close some of their branches. Some even bid goodbye. Others are struggling to survive because of the limitations brought about by the pandemic. While COVID-19 is making things hard for everyone,

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Real Estate Business Ideas: Buying Property for Rent

If you are looking to start and manage your own real estate business, you need to learn about the most effective strategies in the industry if you want to have a fighting chance. There are multiple viable strategies that most investors use, from flipping houses to refinancing for a profit. Although the chances of getting

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How to Make the Most of Your Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction

As a homeowner, did you know that you could still possibly qualify for a mortgage interest tax deduction? Many homeowners (currently owning and new buyers), real estate agents, and tax accountants often use this as either a selling point or a justification on owning a home. Some owners who can tick off the following checklist

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Strategies that Improve Efficiency and Productivity of Your Business

Improving the workflow or process of your business can be a great way of achieving business success and adding value to your enterprise. Inefficient business processes can easily result in a missed deadline, unsatisfied customer, stressed employee, or even increased operating cost. Whether you are in the real estate development, retail, manufacturing, construction, or transportation

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Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Management for Small Businesses

For business owners, two of the most important signs that you’re headed in the right direction are sustained growth and increasing profits. You deserve to breathe a sigh of relief once you’re out of the red zone, but you shouldn’t become complacent. Even big and successful companies face an occasional cash flow problem. According to

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Building an Office Library: What Should You Keep in Mind?

An office library provides a space for employees to de-stress in the middle of a busy workday. They can spend their midday break in the room, reading up on business management and leadership skills. They can go over the day’s newspaper edition. Or they can choose to read about something unrelated to work. A break

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